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Resinol Polyester Knitted Netting

Applications for Resinol Polyester Knitted Netting

Meat Netting
Resinol® Polyester Knitted Netting is an extremely strong netting perfectly suited for meat and poultry processing. Polyester netting is especially ideal for various cooking and press tie applications and can be heated up to 465° F.

Smoked Meats Include

  • Bone-in Ham, Country Style Ham, Skinless, Shankless Ham, Tavern Style Boneless Ham, Boneless Football Shaped Ham, Boneless Spiral Sliced Ham, Boneless Pit Style Ham, Semi-Boneless Ham, Cooked in Mold then Smoked or Glazed Ham, Picnic and Bone-In Loin.

Smoked Poultry Products Include

  • Smoked Whole Bird, Boneless Breast, Pre-Sliced Boneless Breast, Boneless Turkey-Ham, Cooked in a Mold then Cold Smoked, Cosmetic Wrap and Production Identification.

Christmas Tree Netting
Polyester netting has revolutionized the Christmas tree industry by adding value and convenience for both the retailer and the end user. With the "Cross Country" netting, wholesalers and retailers gain sales appeal, easier tree handling, reduced product damage, more economic packing and shipping, and improved truck payload. And with the "Cross Town" netting, consumers are delighted with the "extra service" that not only aids in transportation but also ensures that they will arrive home with a damage-free tree.

"Cross Country" Christmas Tree Netting—For the Wholesaler/Retailer

  • Made of a soft yarn that will not harm the trees
  • Easy to remove (Some retailers will even re-use this net as a tie-down.)
  • Helps keep the tree lot clean and free from any possible hazard to the product when lying on the ground
  • Extra strength of the netting allows for smaller netting size to be used
  • Reduced transportation cost with reduced netting size
  • Available in various sizes to fit any baler
  • Also available in bulk for extra savings
  • Sizes 8"-14" (1500 feet per cartridge)
  • Sizes 16"-26" (packaged five cartridges per bale)
  • 1000 feet per cartridge (packaged five cartridges per bale)

"Cross Town" Christmas Tree Netting—For the Consumer
  • Made of strong resins that are safe and recyclable at level 2
  • Bright and festive red and white colors help attract customers
  • Low cost, value-added customer convenience that will bring customers back to year after year
  • Easy transportation from tree lot to tree stand
  • Available in various sizes to fit any baler
  • Free "all-weather" point of sale sign comes with the purchase of every bale
  • Also available in bulk for extra savings
  • Available in sizes 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 23 and 26"
  • Sizes 8"-14" (1500 feet per cartridge)
  • Sizes 16"-26" (packaged five cartridges per bale)
  • 1000 feet per cartridge (packaged five cartridges per bale)
  • 1040' per Cartridge (packaged three or five cartridges per bale)

Tree shroud netting is heavy-duty netting used to compress large trees to a four or five foot diameter for easier shipping.

Erosion control
Polyester Resinol® and straw wattles are an economic and efficient way to prevent soil erosion by slowing and spreading water flow and reducing slope lengths.

Oil Boom Netting
Polypropylene netting used to produce oil absorbent booms. This netting is specially knitted as an absorbent, outer skin to help collect oil spills in ponds, streams, rivers, waste water troughs, outfalls, lakes, oceans or even around machinery. The netted boom allows contaminated water to flow through it while subsequently trapping the oil inside.

  • Exceptionally strong and UV resistant
  • Standard sized nets for 5" diameter booms (Item numbers 722-8S-A or 722-9S-A)
  • Standard sized nets for 8" diameter booms (Item numbers 1122-12S-A 1122-14S-A)

PVC Packaging Netting
PVC Pipe Net is a fast and convenient way to package piping accessories. T's, elbows, connectors and other supplies can be shipped to a job site easily and economically. When multiple deliveries are necessary, this is the easiest way to make sure all the necessary accessories are shipped and delivered safely

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